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The Pension Projections in Oracle self-service will not be correct for the participants who fall under the new rule (i.e. any non union hired after January 1, 2012). Notice will be posted, once corrected.

Projections are not available for employees with less than five years of service.

Douglas County Employees’ Pension Committee is made up of 11 members. One shall be a County Commissioner and one member from the retiree group. The other nine members are employees within the County employment.

The committee members are:

Joe Lorenz, Chair, Administration
Kathy Allen, Vice Chair, 911 Communication 
Dawn Honig, Secretary, County Clerk
Patrick Bloomingdale, County Administration
Karen Buche, Human Resources Director
Brad Alexander, Youth Center
Tom Wheeler, Sheriff
James Cavanaugh,County Commissioner
Kathy Adair, Retiree
Tim O'Malley, Corrections
Ryan Lindberg, County Attorney

The Pension Committee meets regularly on the last  Thursday  of each month unless otherwise approved by a majority vote of the Committee members. The meetings are located in the Civic Center, Room 903 at 9:00am and are open to the public.


The provisions of this information are not intended and do not create an express or implied contract of employment or an offer of employment between the County and its employees nor any guarantee or promise that benefits and pension referenced here are permanent or cannot be changed. If there is a conflict between the provisions and any other information contained herein or otherwise communicated, the Plan's provisions will govern.